Monday, January 10, 2011

I hate being sick....

Everyone at the Hooper house is in one way or another sick right now. Matt is getting over the last bout of sickness, while Noah and I are starting up with another. A few weeks ago, I had a chest cold and kidney infection. I think Noah missed out on that one, thank goodness! Matt caught it though and stayed home a couple days before New Year's. He never gets it as bad as I do for some reason, so he's getting better quickly.

I, however, have now had this head cold with lots of headaches, congestion, and coughing, for the last week. Noah coughs all night. This is the third night we've had to give Noah inhaler medicine and two nights ago he threw up because he was coughing so much.

I just want us all to be healthy for a little while. Maybe we'll get some good news on Feb 1st when we take Noah in for his routine ultrasound on his kidneys. If all is good, we might not have to go in again for a year.
On a totally different note and just because I like putting a picture in my posts, just before New Year's, I got a great hair cut with some of my Christmas money. Tell me what you think!

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