Friday, January 29, 2016

Back on the wagon

I really have been terrible about posting regularly to our blog.  But now I have the blogger app, so it should be so much easier!!

This week marks the last week I am at home recovering from my Si Joint Fusion surgery and I am so happy to be headed back to work.  I am a little nervous about the strenuous busy season ahead of me, but I am looking forward to the getting back to the daily grind.  I am recovering well from the surgery, so I expect to have a pain-free year and that will make a huge difference.

Noah is doing so well at school and excelling now with reading.  It is amazing to see it come easily to him after so long struggling with phonetics.  I am so grateful for his teacher and his school for giving him the extra attention.  He is busy at home with video games (loves his new Wii U) and is still so interested in making his own videos.  I hope to get his video capture card set up this next month.  He is also always asking to visit his Grandpa Bob, who was a chemist.  Noah wants to grow up and work in chemistry or chemical engineering.  And latest from today, he lost another tooth.

Terrible two's is in full force for Ada.  She is either extremely happy and a blast to be around, or mad and inconsolable.  A few photos to illustrate:

Matt has been doing so much lately, taking care of everything for the kids as well as waiting on me hand and foot.  He is embarking on a big change by applying for employment this month.  Pray for our family as we make many big changes that the transition back to a two-income family is smooth and positive.

Hopefully my next posts are not so long since I really should be posting more often.  

So catch us up!  I would love to hear what your families are up to in the comments! 

Til next time,