Thursday, January 6, 2011

Christmas Holidays

Lately, I've been seeing how many awesome things we received for Christmas this year. Noah is really growing up and it shows in all his new toys. We had a great time with family this year, first spending Christmas Eve and morning with Matt's folks and then the next day with my family. Noah enjoyed his time at both. Unfortunately, I don't have pics of time at my parent's house, but I do have some of Noah playing with his new toys.

The fun didn't stop with the indoors.

Since coming home from all the family, food, presents, and fun, Noah has truly enjoyed all his new things. He sits in his big chair in our bedroom and watches his new movies, carts around his big semi truck full of cars, and really has a blast with the bubble maker at bathtime each night.
We were able to buy some great things with our Christmas money. I bought several new work pants and shirts, a brand new black leather purse (this one will last me a while!), and six brand new, very fluffy towels. Matt and I have been using the same towels for almost seven years -- since we've been married. I'm so grateful for all the wonderful things we received, but mostly, I'm grateful for the amazing family we have. I enjoy watching everyone's families grow and I'm excited for you to see ours grow just the same. Hopefully, we'll have lots more Christmases to celebrate together!

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