Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Our first week home

Well, we made it!  We survived our first week home with two children.  Everyone is doing great despite the
Noah holding his little sister, Ada, for the first time
lack of sleep Matt and I have experienced each night.  I am doing amazing as far as recovery goes from the c-section.  I even was able to clean and organize our master bedroom closet/office.

Noah on his first day of school in front of his cubby
Noah has been doing great at adjusting to all-day Pre-K. He told me he loves going to school and I believe him.  I remember how much I loved school and wanted to go learn more every day.

One thing I wasn't expecting was weekly homework assignments for Pre-K..really?!?  We have to do a book report every week, practice writing our name five times, and do a math activity (sorting silverware, finding five things that are red, etc).

We are trying to keep Noah on the same routine as much as possible while I am on maternity leave, but it is so hard letting him stay in the after-care program when we could easily pick him up right after school.  We have compromised a bit and pick him up a little earlier than if we had been at work all day.  Matt has one more week of paternity leave and then I believe things will fall into a regular routine until my maternity leave is finished.

Ada was born last Tuesday, August 6th, and is a very tiny, but healthy little girl.  We are so happy to be able to hold her and learn her personality.  Right now, she has her nights and days mixed up, sleeping all day and waking up several times at night.  Hopefully, this will right itself soon.

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